How to Turn a Boring Birthday Party Into a Unique Celebration with Photo Cookies

There are so many ways to use photo cookies to liven up a birthday party. From the invitations, to a 3 tiered custom centerpiece honoring the birthday boy or girl.

Not only are photo cookies an added touch to a successful logo branding campaign for corporations and businesses, they’re also perfect for personal milestones. Not to mention special celebrations such as birthdays.

Take for example, a child’s birthday. What could be more exciting for a little girl or boy than to have their own photograph representing their special day on personalized photo cookies? How about adding a photo cookie to the gift bag for the other children as they’re leaving? How about, grandma and grandpa? After seventy or more years of birthdays, a photo cookie is an exciting way to break the monotony of the typical birthday cake.

Photo cookies also make a unique gift. Grandparents often have everything they need, so a photo gift adds a special touch. Another way to make a birthday party special is to use individually wrapped photo cookies as a delicious and unique party invitation.

Freshly Baked Photo Cookies

Perhaps you’re thinking that eating photo cookie frosting isn’t good for you. But you don’t have to worry about that. We make our frosting with a special printer that uses food coloring printed on frosting sheets, not rice paper. And it has no flavor so you can’t taste it. The frosting sheets used for the photo cookies provides them with an exceptionally clear, high resolution, top-notch photograph.

Convenience of Ordering Photo Cookies Online

The best part is that you can order your photo cookies online. And save yourself the hassle of having to drive to a bakery, order them and then pick them up. When you order them online, the cookies are delivered right to your door, or the address you specify.

Photo Cookie: 3 Tiered Custom Centerpiece

 How about a theme birthday centerpiece as a way to celebrate? A 3 tiered hand decorated centerpiece comes with 36Photo Cookies photo cookie pops (although more or less pops can be added), and 12 matching large hand decorated cookie props.

The photo cookie centerpiece is made from Styrofoam and comes with coordinating fabric and trim. Each cookie comes wrapped with curling ribbon that can be personalized.

How to Order a 3 Tiered Custom Photo Cookie Centerpiece Online

Our process to order photo cookies as a centerpiece is unbelievably easy. All we ask is that you order your centerpiece two weeks in advance. Don’t forget to include any special requests for food allergies.

 How it works? To order photo cookies as a centerpiece, use our simple drop-down menus:

Product Color: Choose your primary, or background color for the photo cookies.

Design Choice: Choose your design such as a pony, smiley face, car, etc.

Ribbon Color: Choose the ribbon color, from 25 choices, or pick one without color.

Personalized text: Words, date, special message that you would like added to the images on the photo cookies.

Special request or gift message: Custom colors, text, or notes.

Delivery instructions: Let us know when you need your order delivered by. We recommend 2 -3 days before the celebration.

If you’re planning a celebration, you can order a custom tiered cookie centerpiece here, or check out our other delicious photo cookies online today.

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Logo Cookies Add a Personal Touch to Any Special Event

Everyone is looking for that special item to make their day stand out from all the rest of the days, and to make their special event leave a lasting impression.  One of the ways that you can do that is by considering a new twist on your party favors by sharing specialty made logo cookies.

As we are planning our special day, whether it is a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, the one thing that we are all thinking of is what will make it memorable? What will make it stand out as one of a kind and unique from all the others?  In the case of a wedding, one is looking for a way to represent the love within the relationship, to share the moment when the couple met or a special moment to be shared with all.  This is accomplished through slide shows, videos and decorations, such as canvas pictures.  It can also be represented in the individual wedding favors through the use of logo cookies – a delicious and personal treat – and let’s admit it, few wedding favors are kept long after the wedding so this is one item that is immediately enjoyed and puts a smile on everyone’s face. A couple’s monogram is just one great choice for a guest favor.

Here at Veronica’s Treats, we are passionate about personalizing your special day, your special event, your special moment, making it both memorable and one of a kind – making it a show stopper!  Our fully licensed bakery can take any photo, logo, or picture and transfer it onto our delicious fresh baked cookies. Each logo cookie is not only handmade and baked just for you, but is also exceptionally tasty!

How do we make our logo cookies?  We have a tried and true method that begins with discussing with our client what they want to create – size, flavor, purpose, etc. All our logo cookies are made with high quality ingredients; to recreate your beautiful image, we use a special printer that uses food coloring – this allows us to recreate an incredibly clear image.  The image is printed on frosting sheets that have no flavor or taste so as not to take away from the flavors chosen for the actual logo cookies.

We ensure high-quality of flavor and images for our logo cookies. We also ensure that our clients receive their products ready to be shared, which for many includes individually wrapping with cards and embellishments included. There is no additional charge for individual wrapping, and a mock-up of the final product is created to ensure it looks exactly as the customer desires.  While logo cookies are one option, for a younger audience or to add a twist, our logo cookies can be made into logo cookie pops.  These will also be individually wrapped to maintain freshness.  To match the color or theme of any event, the bags are also tied with curling ribbons in your choice of color.

With over ten years experience printing edible images, every order is scrutinized to make sure you are getting the very best, highest quality “edible” print of your image. Our goal at Veronica’s Treats is to provide creative, delicious party favors and gifts that leave a lasting impression! We are certain that once you try our logo cookies, that you will agree that they are top of the line, and they look real fine too.  For more information or to set up an order, contact us at Veronica Treats at (866) 576-1122 or (508) 946-4438 or e-mail us today.

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Saving Holiday Stress with Photo Cookies

The holiday has arrived meaning many people are starting their holiday shopping. As wonderful as it can feel to give a gift most people will readily admit that holiday shopping can be quite stressful. One big stress for people is trying to find the perfect gift for that oh-so-hard-to-buy for person on their shopping list. What type of a gift do you give to someone who seems to have everything? Maybe it is time to think creatively and give a something unique and personalized gift like photo cookies.

Photo Cookies

Sometimes sweet treats like cookies are the best kinds of gifts to give. Food and memory are triggers. Everyone at some point can remember a memory attached to food. Maybe it was a holiday meal, a treat your mother or grandmother used to make, or having a dish while traveling – taking a bite of a certain dish can conjure up images of a previous memory. Why not create a new memory with a sweet and delicious treat of a cookie and combine it with a photo to give the gift of photo cookies.

Finding the right gift can be stressful for some people, but it does not have to be if you send a creative and unique gift.

Technology can be an amazing asset lives, including in lives of the bakers. There are now printers that bakers and cooks can use, which use food coloring in place of ink. With photo cookies a person can send a photo, in color or in black and white, and the printer will use food coloring to print the photo right on the cookie. You may have eaten cookies before. You may have even baked your own cookies, and covered them with sprinkles, but chances are you have never seen or eaten a cookie as unique as these.

You could easily send a personalize photo of someone you love, like a family portrait, to be printed onto these unique cookies, but you could be even more creative for your gift. If you have a family member who rides a motorcycle you could send a picture of the motorcycle to have it printed on an order of cookies. Your family member could be chomping on a chopper. Maybe you were the person who got the boss’s name in your company’s secret holiday gift-giving draw. Do you give your boss another monogramed pen? No, instead take a picture of a competing business and get that made into photo cookies. Add these cookies to gift basket with a card wishing your boss happy holidays. At the end of the card put a note that you hope the company will take a bite out the competition in the New Year. It is a fun and motivating gift.

Photo cookies are unique gifts, and can easily be ordered online, making them a hassle free gift to give for the holiday. Order a pack and have it professionally wrapped and you have saved yourself the hassle of fighting shoppers at the mall, or trying to find and create the perfect holiday on your own.

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Logo Cookies are Unique and Tasty Advertising

With so many businesses vying for the attention of a potential customer, it is more important than ever that they are able to stand out even before the customer hits their front door. They need to be able to be creative, to think outside the box with respect to advertising and promotion. With large box stores, advertising budgets are ridiculous in their size and therefore they can get aggressive in their advertising with large campaigns, commercials, bulletin boards, poster blitz, free promotional products, etc. A smaller business with a much more conservative advertising might need to consider a more unique approach – a more personal touch such as handmade cards and gift certificates, interactive websites or edibles such as candy bouquets or unique logo cookies.

Logo Cookies

While in a small town word of mouth was usually the best way to grow a business, this is really not so reliable in today’s age where online shopping is almost as common as taking a look at the shops down the street. If you want to grow your customer base more quickly, you have to advertise. And since your budget is not limitless you need to find the most effective forms of advertising for your small business. The Yellow Pages used to be the most basic and important form of advertising for most retailers, however today fewer people are accessing yellow pages and looking to the internet to find the businesses and shopping opportunities they seek. Another key medium for advertising that has also waned in the past few years is that of newspaper subscriptions. So, since these are no longer as viable and effective, the advertising budget must look elsewhere; businesses must look outside the box with respect to marketing – that is why companies such as Veronica’s Treats has been so successful with their logo cookies – certainly outside the box with respect to traditional advertising.

Thinking outside the box, and as a possible alternative to the logo cookies, a very effective marketing tool is to create partnerships and cross promotions. Many cities have chambers of commerce that provide support to their members. This form of partnership allows a small advertising budget to go further. Every professional or business organization offers exclusive advertising opportunities for their members, ranging from free promotion on the organization’s website through special section newspaper advertising. And being a member can be good small business advertising in itself. Another successful tool is having an effective website. 70% of American adults use the internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services. Traffic, generated by online marketing and promotion is the most important aspect of a successful and profitable web presence.

The bottom line is that whatever advertising or marketing tools that are chosen are effective for your business. They may be elaborate and dramatic, or consistent and informative or just once in a while, they may be whimsical and oh so tasty. For a little tasty treat, any businesses in the New England area should check out Veronica’s Treats. Since 2003, Veronica’s Treats has been one of the leading custom bakery & confectionery companies in New England. They specialize in a wide variety of quality sweet treats including logo cookies. For more information, contact Veronica’s Treats by phone at (508) 946-4438 or email us.

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Edible Advertising with Photo Cookies

We are a licensed and certified bakery that offers online orders and international deliveries to our clients. Local pickups can also be arranged. We specialize in offering a wide variety of sweets and treats, including our photo cookie, a freshly baked cookie glazed with white chocolate icing and the customized transfer image of your favorite picture.

Similar to the popular party feature, the photo cake, Veronica’s Treats introduces the photo cookie. Photo cookies are freshly hand-baked, preservative-free, and available in multiple sizes, shapes, and flavors, all customized to cater to your specific needs. Multiple price options are available enabling you to customize your orders to fit your specific needs.

At Veronica’s Treats, we use a printer that is specially formulated to print food coloring onto frosting sheets, enabling any photograph, logo, picture, image, or business card of your choice to be transferred into edible format. In the past, rice paper was used as the image transfer material; however, we print our images onto frosting sheets for our photo cookies. Frosting sheets provide the highest quality of clear and high resolution images to be transferred to the cookie without adding any flavor or taste, allowing the flavor of the cookie to be entirely customizable. The image is transferred onto a white chocolate icing that glazes the cookie. The cookies can be formed into various shapes, custom-designed to enhance the visual experience. Decorative borders and pop sticks can be added. We offer image editing and can add personalized text to each cookie at no additional charge. We individually wrap each photo cookie in a clear cello bag and tie it with a ribbon of your colour choice to maintain freshness. Cookies can also be heat sealed to increase their shelf life.

Photo cookies make an excellent, interactive treat for parties, holidays, weddings and special events like school, fundraising and office events. They make great promotional treats. Businesses can have their company logos or business cards transferred onto cookies, which may be distributed widely during special promotional events or activities. Individuals can have photographs of themselves, their friends or loved ones, group pictures of companies, classes and organizations, wedding and engagements photos, and even their pets photos printed onto their cookies. Photo cookies make great centerpieces and feature platters for special events and activities, as well as gifts for wedding guests and party guests.

Clients simply send or email their original images, at least 200 dpi and 100% in size, to Veronica’s Treats in JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PDF, EPS, PNG, AI or PSD format. Black and white or color photographs can be used, from wallet size to 8×10”, as well as business cards and digital logos. We have thousands of graphic images and designs available to choose from if you do not already have a photograph or image in mind for your photo cookie, or we can custom design an image based on your specific theme. We can scan original images and make any necessary changes. All original images will be returned along with your custom order of deliciously fresh photo cookies.

Veronica’s Treats is one of the leading producers of the photo cookie. We are devoted to ensuring our clients receive delicious freshly baked cookies custom designed for the satisfaction of their special event.

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Think Logo Cookies for Your Next Promotion

Promotional products are highly effective advertising tools that are commonly used during internal or external corporate events, fundraisers or client appreciation days. Also known as swag, promotional items have a company’s logo on the front, and typical giveaways include: T-shirts, coffee mugs and pens. When it comes to employees, promotional products offer a great way to generate excitement about an initiative. When it comes to your customers, swag can help build brand awareness and it is an excellent way to show potential clients just how much you value their business. So, if you are organizing an event and looking for something extraordinary to hand out, time to think out of the box. Because, let’s face the facts – when it comes to giveaways, the general public has seen it all. No one needs another pen, bookmark, T-shirt or stuffed animal with your company’s logo on it. However, who would say no to logo cookies?

Yes, you read correct. Logo cookies! Take your company’s logo, and transfer it onto a scrumptious, freshly baked cookie. It’s something different, it’s something delicious and it’s something that no one will soon forget. Here’s a highlight of the reasons why you will want to make logo cookies the next promotional giveaway at your event:

Client appreciation:  If you have higher-end clientele, a simple tee shirt cannot offer the ‘wow’ factor that you or your audience is looking for. But, gourmet logo cookies will impress your potential clients and leave a lasting impression in their memory. They are the perfect way to ensure that your customers will remember your brand.

Employee rewards: Whether you are organizing a high-level sales and marketing conference, a special team-building meeting, or the company’s holiday party:  not all promotional products need to be used for advertising. Logo cookies will offer your staff that unique reminder that you value their hard work and appreciate their efforts.

Personal event: It doesn’t have to be all about business, all the time! Logo cookies can be used as a unique party favor for any special occasion! Birthday parties, weddings, baptisms or anniversaries! Simply replace the logo with a photo – and you have an interesting (and delicious) take-home for your guests.

Veronica’s Treats is a fully licensed bakery that can take any photo, logo, picture or business card and transfer it onto a freshly baked cookie. As a leader in logo cookies, each treat is not only handmade and baked just for you and your event, but it is also exceptionally tasty! With a special four-color printing process that uses food coloring to provide clear, high quality images: we print your logo on frosting sheets, not rice paper. All our logo cookies are individually wrapped at no additional charge.

We have been featured on programs like The Today Show and Rachael Ray. And our logo cookies have been included in countless celebrity gift baskets and SWAG bags. With a fast turn-around time, orders can shipped the next day. For more information, visit us at

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Shop our Halloween “Boo-tique”

Our favorite time of year is here. Our Treat “Boo-tique” is filled with great favors and gifts. Our very popular Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies make such fun and tasty Halloween hand-outs.
A treat for the kids at school or friends at work; who will be able to resist a bite of an Oreo Ghost? Offered individually at $1.75 or a gift box of 20 for $34.95.
View our chocolate covered Oreos for all occasions. Check it out!
All our of Halloween Cake Pops are perfect for gifts and party favors. They come individually, in boo-quets or decorated cake truffles. Cake truffles are especially good to set out on a platter.
Each cake pop is hand molded, hand dipped and delicately decorated. Find out what the cake pops buzz is about! You’ll love what we offer for the Holidays!
Cake pops are offered individually at $2.50, in a boo-quet for $34.95 or as cake truffles for $21.95 per dozen.
BOO to you too! This adorable mug is a deliciously devilish way to send a Happy Halloween to your favorite little ghosts.
This hard-candy lollipop bouquet is filled with 14 ghosts, pumpkins bats and many more delicious Halloween themed hand-made lollipops.
Some of the flavors include marshmallow, orange cream and cheesecake. $35.95.
Check it out! Be sure to check out all of our lollipop bouquets here.
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